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Signal Centre wishes to keep you informed of other events that take place throughout the Borough which could help you and your business. Select each link for other events near you.

- Ards Business Centre offers 'Excel for Business' and 'Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy'

- SERC offers 'OCN in Social Media'

Signal Events

The Growth Factor Programme has now finished and a brand new programme will open in September 2017. 

Each programme focuses on business growth and offers a range of workshops to develop skills and knowledge of local employees. The training modules are used to assist businesses to improve processes and performance to achieve sustainability and long-term growth. Attending also provides the opportunity to network with business people from across the Borough, share ideas, raise profiles and develop business opportunities.

Each year the team at Signal finds out what the current needs and requirements of local businesses are through one-to-one meetings, focus groups and online surveys and plans the programme around this.  This programme reflects what you told us.  Our aim is to deliver a Programme that is of value to you and that will ultimately help you achieve business growth, improvement and success!

To show the types of events we offer, the previous year's Programme Brochure can be downloaded here.  

We also run a selection of ad hoc seminars and advice sessions as they arise and these also will be listed below.   

To talk to us about any event listed or to tell us about any training need you have, please contact Paula Ault at email You can also subscribe to our mailing list here.  

Focus Group for Signal Business Programme  |  Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 12:00 - 14:00

Share ideas on what you would like to see included on next years Event Programme